Great Cooking Outdoors

Ozpig cooker

Ozpig cooker

Ozpig fire cooking

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Your best friend for the outdoors

Takes 2 minutes to assemble
Outdoor heating
BBQ and Chargrilling
Frypan and Wok cooking

Ozpig is equally at home in the outback or your backyard. Relax and enjoy outdoor entertaining and cooking all year round.

Perfect for:
and at home in your backyard

There are also a huge range of accessories available including:

Rome round pie iron
Perfect for cooking desserts and savory pies. The round design is made to crimp down on the edge of the bread crust to form a round pie that seals in the goodness.

Double pie iron
Our double-sized cast iron pie iron allows you to cook two grilled sandwiches at a time. Each side of the cooker also serves as a small skillet.

Love pie
The Love Pie makes pies in the shape of a heart. It features a stainless steel rod and beautifully turned wood handles.

Camp bread maker
A unique and fun tool to bake bread over the fire. It has a solid cast iron construction. Can also be used to cook sausages, wraps and burritos.

Wilderness hamburger griller
Features cast iron cavity and locking hinge. Slotted casting allows for excess fat to drip away froom meat.

Double burger griller
Easy to use, with hinged grill cavity for patties. Just place on top of the grate, or simply hold it over the fire.

Dog 'n brat cooker
With our cast iron design, you can cook 3 dogs at a time without them being charred by expisure to the open flame.

Square pie iron
Solid cast iron design with generous cooking cavity makes terrific sandwiches and desserts.

XL square pie iron
This pie iron has nearly 100% more volume than our regular square design. Stainless steel rods and wood handle.

Panini sandwich press
Made from solid cast iron and features a generous 20 x 10cm cooking surface for use with a side variety of speciality breads.

Old fashioned waffle iron - cast iron
Rome's waffle iron makes big waffles in the traditional round shape with two sides connected by our famour hinge system.

Chunkwagon waffle iron - cast iron
Based on the nostalgic style that grandma used to use.

Waffle iron - cast iron
Designed with a long handle for easy open fire cooking. Cooks 8 x 15cm sized waffles.