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Jotul has been successfully designing cast iron stoves and built-in fireplaces for nearly 150 years. This vast experience has "warmed" thousands of people world-wide to the benefits and pleasures of wood burning stoves. Cast iron has always been the preferred material of the skilled stove maker because it is extremely hard wearing and durable.
Cast iron has a high thermal mass and excellent heat radiating characteristics and therefore stores heat naturally through its air inclusions.

You will appreciate the warmth from your Jotul stove.

Cast iron construction makes servicing far easier and the long tradition of using cast iron as a material for stoves is based on sound reasoning. Individual parts are simple to replace, should this ever be required, and cast iron will also not deform, even after a long period of use and this ensures that parts, such as doors will still close tightly after many years of use. Replaceable parts also allows Jotul stoves to have an extended life.

Warmth and satisfaction - packed in cast iron by Jotul.


It is no coincidence that Jotul is the world's largest manufacturer of cast iron stoves:

  • Jotul is a traditional Norwegian company, boasting the highest quality standards since 1853
  • Jotul gives a conditional ten-year guarantee on its cast iron body
  • Should a model be withdrawn from production, we guarantee that you, the consumer, will have access to spare parts for a further ten years
  • Internal combustion chamber plates can still be supplied for a minimum of 10 years after the end of production
  • Jotul give the highest priority to protecting our environment not only throughout production, but also during the   daily use of its products



Jotul F3CB

Jotul F3 has advanced cleanburn technology for greater efficiency and an integral ash solution. It can also burn selected smokeless fuels without the need for an adaptation kit. Adaptable with a short leg option, the Jotul F3 makes an elegant focal point in any room, and give a heat output up to 11kW.

Blue/Black: $5180

Heater only
Prices subject to change


Jotul F3TB

This medium sized stove has a classic design, with a large glass door which gives a fantastic view of the flames.

Matt Black: $3430

Heater only
Prices subject to change


Jotul F163

The Jotul F163 is one of the most efficient heaters on the market. This is a small wood stove with a new and unique look, characterised by its large side glasses and three sturdy legs.

The shape and size makes it suitable for both corner and standard installations. Designed to suit modern living and powerful enough to heat up 100m2.

Available in either black paint, white or enamel.


  • Clean burn, cast iron stove
  • Will heat up to 100m2
  • Stay clean side glasses that provide good view of flames
  • Ash pan facility
  • Easy to use air vent
  • 10 year limited warranty


  • Heating capacity: 100m2
  • Approx weight: 115kg
  • Flue diameter: 150mm (6 inch)
  • Flue exit options: top or rear
  • Max usable log length: 33cm
  • Average peak output: 10kw
  • Overall efficiency: 85%

Price ivory version: $5880
Price black version: $4730

Heater only
Prices subject to change


Jotul F 8TD

The Jotul F 8TD is one of Jotul's oldest traditional stoves still going strong.
Why have people warmed to this stove for generations? Perhaps it is the F 8TD's timeless, classic look combined with an impressive heat output of 11kW and wide opening doors that will take logs up to 480mm long.

Price: $4030
Heater only
Prices subject to change