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The simple story of Radiant Heating

The simple story of Radiant Heating

Simplicity is the key that makes Nectre the sure first choice in wood heaters. Primary air enters the firebox through the door and in directed at the heart of the fire, creating a turbulent mix of combustible gases.

Another inlet located at the top of the door allows a carefully measured amount of additional air to enter, completing secondary combustion of unburnt gases. The result is extremely efficient combustion with high temperatures that are maintained by the firebrick lining and a flue baffle to lengthen the flame path.

Nectre N60 Curved

Nectre N60 Curved

N60 Curved

Fashionably modern to suit contemporary or traditional style living. Proudly made in Australia. Radiant/Convection Wood Heater.

N60 specifications

- Steel door with ceramic glass
- Handle extension
- Concealed ash-pan
- Air slide
- Finished in black metallic paint
- Steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass
- Weight: 190kg
- Rear clearance: 100mm
- Approved hardwood storage box

N60 Curved
Standard installation 6" flue kit with 900mm stainless steel flue shield
Rear: 100mm
Side: 280mm
Corner: 125mm
Height: 1055mm
Width: 510mm
Depth: 510mm

Firebox size: 460mmH x 345mmW x 280mmD
Door aperture: 305mmW x 380mmH
Glass hearth is optional

N60 Curved price: $4830
Heater only, flue extra
Prices subject to change


Nectre Mark I LE heater
Nectre Mark I LE heater

Choose the MK 1 LE and you will have joined the many Australians now living warm and cosy with this original Nectre. It's one of the most popular wood burning, slow combustion heaters ever made.
And no wonder, with an average output of 19.5 kW (70,000 btu), it will heat open areas in excess of 20 squares, providing warmth to families on the coldest days and nights.
This year we've given the Mk 1 a facelift with a contoured door providing a softer appearance but in all other ways the Nectre Mk 1 is the same heater Australians have always been comfortable with.

Price with legs: $2630
Price with pedestal: $2780

Heater only, flue extra
Prices subject to change


Nectre MARK II LE heater

Mkll has the same simple but elegant lines of all Nectre's but is double cased so it can be installed very close to walls or furniture.

The double casing also maximises air convection and shifts heated air around your home with great effectiveness. An average output of 21kW (75,000 btu) makes the Mkll the perfect heater for homes that are hard to heat and where installation is tight. You and your family will live in comfort for years to come.

Price with legs: $3030
Price with pedestal: $3330

Heater only
Prices subject to change


Nectre 15 LE heater
Nectre 15 LE heater

You'll love the warmth and style of this powerful but compact little heater. The Nectre 15 LE produces a remarkable 12kW (45,000 btu's) average heat output.

That's sufficient to effectively heat around 15 squares of any country cottage or suburban home and yet it is small enough to fit almost anywhere. Let winter do its worst, you'll be warm & content with Nectre 15.

Price with legs: $1830
Price with pedestal: $1980

Heater only
Prices subject to change


Nectre THE MEGA heater
Nectre THE MEGA heater

Nothing challenges a wood heater like modern open plan living.
But it's hardly a challenge for our newest heater, the aptly named, Mega. We designed the Mega with modern living in mind.
It produces a whopping 35kW (120,000 btu) of heat making it Australia's most powerful freestanding heater capable of turning 40 squares of open space into a warm, comfortable living area.

The Mega's output makes it an ideal heater for large homes or for commercial applications. It will make any ski lodge or sporting club a comfortable place to relax, however inclement the weather.

Powerful yes, but the Mega is certainly no brute when it comes to looks. The contoured door gives the Mega a soft appearance and opens wide to accept large logs. You can even harness some of the Mega's powerful to heat your water system by fitting the optional water jacket.

Mega with legs: $3780
Mega with pedestal: $4080

Heater only, flue extra
Prices subject to change